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Throughout the past 60 years, Boudl Hotels and Resorts has been establishing an impressive legacy in the hospitality industry and in the hotel industry by dedicating all efforts and cadres. It is our belief that Saudi Arabia's tourism sector has a bright future, and that the Saudi government will have a strong and supportive attitude toward this vital and distinguished sector. Starting with Al-Khelaiwi Hotel in Hafr Al-Batin, a chain of four national hotel brands was established, each with a unique blend of the Saudi hospitality paired with the latest developments in global hospitality.

With over 60 hotels in and out of the Kingdom, Boudl Hotels and Resorts manages four brands, starting with Boudl Hotel Apartments, then Aber Hotels (3 stars), Braira Hotels and Resorts (4 stars), and Narcissus Hotels and Resorts (five stars) to become a leading hospitality icon in the Kingdom and the Arabian Gulf, and soon to the world.


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