Karam Life

Live the unique experience and feel the elegance by joining our brand new rewards club (Karam Life), which gives you a lot of privileges and allows you to avail of our widest variety of products and services like discounts, complimentary offers, etc. With the Karam Life Rewards Club, members can enjoy luxury hotels, resorts, apartments, and villas in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. In addition, there are over 40 restaurants, entertainment venues, and spas.

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Silver :
7% discount on reservations.

7% discount on breakfast and dinner.

7% discount on all hotel services.

10,000 Anniversary Points for registration.

Early check in - late check out.


Gold :
10% discount on reservations

10% discount on breakfast and dinner

10% discount on all hotel services50% discount on new openings

20,000 Anniversary Points for registrationEarly check in - late check out


Diamond :
15% discount on reservations

15% discount on breakfast and dinner

15% discount on all hotel services

50% discount on new openingsEarly check in - late check out

30,000 Anniversary Points for registrationFree upgrade (based on availability)

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